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Smart Buildings – Commercial Integration

A different way to understand Smart Buildings

Lighting integration, air conditioning, audiovisuals and critical variables in buildings to achieve flexible, sustainable and more productive professional and commercial spaces..

The experts in each system (air conditioning, lighting, security, etc.) design and install them, but we put the integration layer that:

From restaurants to the total integration of buildings, we put the necessary technology so that all the existing systems work in a coordinated manner in order to reduce consumptions and increase the comfort of users.

Universidad Del Bosque

How is the process of a commercial space automation?

We start from

and thus, we design the optimal integration between systems, technologies and protocols..

All these works focus on meeting rooms, crisis rooms, auditoriums, automation, inmotic and energetic efficiency

Why trust Smart Business?

 You ca see in this section some of our projects such as Naturgas in Bilbao (Spain), Pacific Rubiales (Colombia), JW Marriot Hotel in Bogotá(Colombia) among others.


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