Lighting, Shades and Rollers Control


Lighting Control and motorized drapes

Automated natural and artificial lighting to make your home more comfortable and efficient.


Another way to live your home lighting

Artificial lighting control refers to the luminaries and lamps in your home.

Natural lighting control refers to the exploitation of sunlight through the handling of drapes, rollers, awnings and blinds.


We design and install all the lighting automation that allows to:

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Do you want to see some lighting control examples?

See some of our lighting control projects and motorized drapes that have obtain awards… We like to do things right!!

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A house in the future in 2004 which is still of the future today!

The lighting control of this project count with more than 123 luminaries circuit and more than 20 motorizations for natural lighting.

Thanks to the integration carried out, the system calculates the position of the sun and it there is excessive sun, the lighting control acts by lowering the electronic blinds to protect the paintings and interior furniture


A true Smart home. The integration of technologies, systems and brands make this one of our most complete projects.

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