Customized Motors and Mounts


Customized Motors and brackets

If it does not exist, we invent it!! Motorization and mounts: aesthetics and functionality

Do you want to place your TV in a specific place but you cannot because of aesthetic issues? The site where you would have to place the TV does not fit the location of the sofa? If the solution you need does not exist, we design and build it!

We have carried out customized projects such as outside movie screens or motorized lamps. Televisions sticking out of the ground, projectors descending from the ceiling…..These are real examples of our solutions.

We design and install motors and mounts that make technology go unnoticed, giving maximum prominence to the interior design without losing the level of comfort and functionality of the equipment.

See what most unusual motorizations we have made

If the solution you need does not exist, we design and manufacture it! See these examples:

Outside Cinema – Winners of the Most Unusual Installation EMEA 2005 European Lutron Awards. Budapest, Hungary.


Outside cinema on the beach (with wind) but without covering the spectacular views of the sea.


Design and manufacturing of a screen sticking out of the ground with the loudspeakers. Projector with a protection system that serves as a side table that also sticks out of the ground.

Cine Exterior – Ganadores Premio Most Unusual Installation Emea 2005.european Lutron Awards. Budapest, Hungría

Lamps that are hidden in the ceiling–Award for “Most Innovator Project’’ EMEA 2008 by InAvate, Amsterdam, Holland


The dining room lamps got in the way when in this Madrid Loft parties were held and the table was removed.


Motorize the lamps to collect them on the false ceiling during parties and lower them again when the room is used as a dining room
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The TV must not cover the window – Third Finalist at the Technology Integrator Impact Awards 2016 – Dallas, USA


The client wanted to watch TV from a frontal position in bed, but there was a window just in front and there was not a TV Led mount that allows us to solve this need.


A custom wall mount that allows to slide the TV to the side wall when not in use.

Only one TV for two rooms


The client has a room divided into two spaces: a play room and the main area. Our challenge was that the TV could be watched from the two spaces and that the equipment and connections did not spoil the aesthetic. .


A custom-made piece of furniture with a swivel mount that allows to turn the TV in one or another direction. The equipment will be hidden and will be cooled by the lower slot on one side of the furniture.

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