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Audio Multiroom Systems

Do you enjoy listening to music at home?
Would you like to have the living room audio quality in your bedroom or bathroom?
The Bluetooth speakers have invaded your home?

Why don’t you have a Multiroom system?

What is a Multiroom System?

A Multiroom system allows the interconnection of audio or video devices through the same network to a distributed system of speakers and players and usually can be managed from the mobile and/or a touch screen.

With an audio Multiroom system you do not need to have different devices in each room because the music sounds through the speakers from the source you want: radio through Internet, the music stored on a server or through streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer.

You can go from the living room to the bedroom, then to the bathroom, then to the kitchen and at no time do you stop listening to your music and without having to connect every time to a different speaker. No cuts, no sudden jumps in volume and with a maximum quality

The explosion of streaming audio such as Spoty, Amazon Music, Deezer, Apple Music, make it very necessary to have a Multiroom system in the house. Listen to Spotify in the living room, iTunes in the studio or the same song around the house, all from a same application forgetting about the connection to the speakers!

With a Multiroom the speakers system has a Hifi quality and is embedded or installed in a specific place to guarantee an excellent experience in listening to music. Forget about having wireless mini-speakers throughout the house that you have to connect and disconnect to. Forget also about cables running through the room. All the equipment will be centralized and hidden. The aesthetic gain is really a point in favor of Multizone audio systems.

Even if you are passionate about music with a huge CDs or Vinyl records collection, you can also listen to it in all the rooms of your house with the highest Hifi quality.

A friend with his/her smartphone arrives, you connect it to your Multiroom and enjoy his/her music collection in the living room or throughout the house.

With a Multiroom audio system you will be able to ‘’join’ the areas you want so they work as only one. This is what we call ‘’party mode’’. Through the application you select the areas that will be active during the event and when you play the music, it will sound at the same time in all the selected areas. Ah! Very important: you will be able to adjust the volume.

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