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What kind of home automation do we offer? We integrate everything in orther to turn your house into a SMART HOME!

The different elements of your house: lighting, air conditioning, security, Audiovisuals, etc integrated in a single system,  provide you with more and better performance.

It is not about consumer home automation, but about very high-performance integration systems that allow us to carry out a fully customized project adapted to your home and your needs.


We integrate  house different systems:

Thus, you obtain a lot more for the systems you have.

Do you want to better undertand what a scene in a dwelling is?

It is 4:00 o’clock on a summer Sunday afternoon and you are lying on the sofa watching TV. You click on your tablet the “Watch Apple TV” button. Automatically….

1) The room audiovisual equipment is turned on, the TV and amplifiers are place at the input where the Apple TV is connected.

2) The system knows where the sun is at that hour and day (by the geo-position of the house and the astronomical clock of the control processor) so it lowers by 43% the rollers of the window that is just behind so that you do not have glare on the TV screen.

3) The air conditioning adjust to the temperature and the speed of the fan to a comfort preset in the TV area so that you have a pleasant climate but are not disturb by the noise.

4) The music that was playing in the TV zone is turned off.

It is 23:00 and you are going to sleep. Before turning on the “plane mode” you press the “good night” button from your smartphone and then …

1) All the lights in the social area and the kitchen are turn off except a courtesy light in the entrance that turns on and regulates at 20%.

2) The lights of the staircase to the first floor are regulated to 10% so that nobody stumbles if they get up at night, but without dazzling too much.

3) All TVs and multiroom areas of the house are turned off

4) The air conditioning in the basement is turn off (oops! You left it on when you were on the running machine!)

5) The air conditioning is set to the minimum in the common areas, while in your room the sleeping temperature that you previously defined is set.

6) The perimeter alarm is switched on and you get a warning that you have left the studio window open ( if it were motorized, you could close it from your mobile 😉)

7) In your room the bathroom lights go out, and the entrance lights, too, and slowly the bedside table light goes out to help you get into that refreshing night’s sleep….

Why do you need an integrator like Smart?

If you want to have automation in your home but you feel identified with the following questions, it is time to count on a Custom Installation company like Smart Business & Home.

We give you a solution so that your investment scalable and is maintained over time. We make it smarter!


Do you need to have the confidence that you are making a good decision?

18 years in the market, several international awards and more than 200 projects carried out are what we have to offer you in support of the quality of our solutions. We are experts in Custom Installations.

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We are founder members of CEDIA in Spain (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association). CEDIA is the international commerce association and central contact point for more than 3.700 member companies worldwide that design, manufacture and install home technology.

We like to do things right

Can’t you decide? Look at all the awards we have won…


Do you still have doubts? Check out these WOW projects we have done.

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This spectacular villa on the shores of the Mediterranean was chosen as the best digital home in Spain in 2008

This project is one of our best examples of the coexistence between design and technology.

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The minimalist lines of this fully automated chalet were a great challenge for Smart.

Award for the "EMA Most Innovative Project", design and technology achieve the perfect balance in these 2 renovated apartments.

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