Finalist in the International Cedia Awards 2010 as EMEA "Best Media Room under £15.000"
Madrid, Spain
Type of project
Residential Remodeling
Brands and Protocols
  • Lighting Control: Lutron Homeworks Serie 4
  • Audio Multiroom: Netstreams
  • Audiovisualss: Sim2, LG, Integra
  • Custom engines and furniture

Uniqueness of the Project

We design and manufacture audiovisual furniture to achieve the perfect integration of all the equipment with the very special interior design of this apartment.

More than a home theater: cinema, music room, recording studio, showroom. It is a truly extraordinary home cinema..

On this flat we carry out the control of lighting, lights and blinds, audiovisual integration and custom furniture.

Taking into account that the same room is used for different activities: cinema, reading, TV, work, eating, etc. the furniture design is one of the most interesting points of this project.

For example, the dining room table is backlit by a system of LEDs specially designed to achieve the artistic lighting effect in each of the dishes that are part of the table.

A door that divides the dining room and living room environments was also designed, giving the table a floating effect.

In the center of the room, to take advantage of structural requirements, a steel cabinet was made that gives access to all audiovisual equipment. From the top of the cabinet, the SIM2 projector is hung, which seems to be an integral part of the cabinet.

At ground level, there is a compartment specially designed to house a subwoofer, which allows the electronics and speakers to be divided. The cabinet has a centimeter of frontal space with respect to the floor to allow the audio output without any type of distortion.

With a 2.1 surround speaker, rear effects are generated in case you are watching a movie or you can have the possibility of listening to a double stereo in case of having a party or meeting.

In addition to a 50 “plasma, it has a home cinema with a 2.50 m ceiling recessed screen, giving this room endless possibilities of use.

Taking into account the large collection of vinyl that the client has, a turntable was installed, right next to the design chairs to be able to listen to the music in a calm way.

The lighting control makes it possible to turn this space into a great showcase for the collection of contemporary art. The perimeter lighting gives this apartment a feeling of spaciousness and modernity since the ceilings were made in deep red, achieving different shades depending on the attenuation of the lighting.

The blinds and rollers of the house are also controlled

The entire system is controlled from anywhere in the room by means of its respective touch control.