• Best EMEA integration project. Cedia Awards 2009. Finalists. London, England
  • Home automation awards of the community of Madrid 2009. Special mention. Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Type of project
New Construction
Brands and Protocols
  • Lighting and motor control: Lutron y KNX
  • Integration and control: AMX
  • Audio Multiroom: Netstreams
  • Audio Server: Imerge
  • Structured cabling y home networking: Cisco, TpLink
  • Security: Caddx
  • Air conditioning: Lon/Bacnet, Honeywell
  • Critical Variables: KNX
  • Home Cinema: JVC, Onkyo, Future Automation

A true Smart Home. The integration of technologies, systems and brands make this one of our most complete projects.

Probably one of the most complex projects we have carried out, because we really managed to make the technology “transparent” so that, regardless of the system, protocol or brand used, users have an easy handling of very diverse and complex systems. In this house of 1600 mtrs built, everything is controlled: security system, lighting, blinds, curtains, heating, air conditioning, 19-zone audio multiroom, 2 dedicated home cinemas, several televisions, indoor pool humidity, irrigation, home networking, etc. Despite having very complex systems installed, through the 6 AMX touch screens distributed throughout the house, users can interact in a very simple way and fully manage the house and its rooms. From 2 parents to 3 small children, everyone can manage to adapt each space to the use at all times.

What makes this project so special ?

The challenge was that it was very easy for users to interact with the home despite the complexity of the existing technological integrations in the home.

“Beneath” some touch screens that even the little ones can use, what we have are 3 construction plants, each one with very different technologies:

  • KNX for lighting and motors for the upper floor
  • Lutron for lighting. and motors for the ground floor and basement
  • LON and Bacnet for air conditioning and critical variables
  • Proprietary protocols of the different audiovisual and alarm systems.


For the users, the tremendous complexity of the installed systems should be "invisible". Even a child should be able to use the house without any instructions.

Once the owners became familiar with the technology of the house, they wanted to go a step further and asked us to develop a custom alarm system for each of the rooms. In this way, the lighting, the blinds and the audio multiroom are integrated to create the perfect moment to wake up or for the little ones to go to sleep, all controlled from the touch screen in the parents’ room.

And it seems that we achieved all the objectives set, because with this smart home we had a special mention from the community of Madrid and we were finalists for Best EMEA 2009 integration project at the Cedia awards held in London, UK.

Cedia Awards 2009

Best EMEA Integrated Home 100.000£ to 250.000£

Cedia Awards 2009. Finalist
London, UK

Premios A La Mejor Instalación Domótica E Inmótica De La Comunidad De Madrid

Mejor Vivienda Unifamiliar

Special mention
Madrid,  Spain

AMX control system

The control system has 3 AMX processors distributed throughout the house, and intercommunicated by fiber optics, for fully distributed and redundant control. The AMX system has 4 5” screens and 2 8.4” wireless screens from which all home systems are controlled: audiovisual, security, lighting, air conditioning, and scenes/presets can be executed or programmed. The system has several functionalities such as time programming modes for external water sources, for or operation of the irrigation system, fully programmable wake-up mode, activation and deactivation programming of facade and garden lights.

Lighting and motor control:

The project has 2 perfectly integrated technologies: Lutron for social areas and KNX for rooms.

The Lutron system features two 8-series HWI processors and 56 Euro-style keypads, controlling over 124 circuits and 28 shades.

The KNX system controls 24 circuits and 28 blinds.

It has functionalities such as:

  • Activation of exterior lights in case of alarm activation
  • Vacation mode/Presence simulation
  • Control of security doors at different levels of the house
  • Garage door control
  • Energy saving in transit areas.
  • Time control for rooms and garden

Air conditioning:

In all areas there are hidden temperature probes, making it impossible to see the -unsightly- thermostats. In this way we gain in aesthetics because the walls have a single user interface, the AMX screen, from where the temperature of all areas of the house, water temperature of the indoor pool, etc. is controlled. The system has more than 10 completely independent air conditioning zones. It has underfloor heating system, radiators and air conditioning.


In addition to multiroom audio and several TVs in bedrooms and lounges, the house has 2 dedicated home cinemas. One located in the basement, with acoustic treatment for the room and motorized cinema chairs that delight the elderly when there are football matches, and another integrated into a children’s playroom with motorized projector and screen.

Basement Cinema

A dedicated room was designed for the cinema, fully soundproofed to the same standards as professional recording centers.

It has 10 motorized cinema chairs, with a touch screen from which you have complete control not only of the cinema but of the entire house.

Audio Multiroom

It has 19 independent audio zones, where each user can select the music they want. Through the audio server, it achieves streaming audio to provide up to 6 independent audio channels, one for each member of the family.

It has 3 dedicated touch screens to enjoy the music (Indoor pool, Billiards and Main room bathroom), from these screens they select the music, make the intercommunication between rooms (very useful for children).

Security system:

The house has a security control system installed that, if the burglar alarm is activated, all the lights start to turn on and off in order to attract the attention of neighbors and passers-by, but only in case of theft, because in case of fire, all the blinds and curtains are opened and the path to the exit is lit to facilitate evacuation.