Special Mention in the XI Awards for the Best Home Installation of the Comunidad de Madrid
Madrid, Spain
Type of project
Brands and Protocols
  • Lighting Control: Gira – KNX
  • Integration and control AV: AMX
  • Audio Multiroom: Nuvo
  • Security: Lilin, Caddx
  • Audiovisuals: Stealth Acoustics, Panasonic, Leaf, Euroscreen, Middle Atlantic, Integra, Speakercraft,Chief, PolkAudio, Monitor Audio
  • Networking: Ubiquiti
Home Cinema - Retroproyección

This project is one of our best examples of the coexistence between design and technology.

The first was that interior design should prevail. diaphanous and clean lines with light and wood as protagonists. The property wanted the maximum technological features, but did not want them to be visible.

The second requirement was to have open, diaphanous spaces that allow maximum visual space and use of natural light. Through a central module, the main room, with the concept of a large box which gave access to the different spaces of the house

Additionally, it was wanted to have an independent apartment for visitors or use for an elderly person, which was integrated into the floor or central module by opening sliding doors from floor to ceiling, with hidden handles giving the feeling of being just another wall.

Under these requirements we designed together with the architecture and the property a technological system that would allow it to integrate different systems in the smallest space, but hidden from the visitors of the flat.

Systems integrated in the project:

  • Home Cinema with rear projection
  • 9-zone audio multiroom with invisible speakers
  • Video multiroom for 6 zones
  • Intrusion security system
  • CCTV system
  • Integration system
  • Energy management system
  • Lighting control
  • Motorized Curtains
  • Climate control: underfloor heating and air conditioning
  • Home networking: Networks and internet.

All equipment works through the AMX NXV-300 mobile user interface and through the AMX 10 “touch screen.

What's WOW about this project?

Serrano Home Cinema

The Home Cinema: Hidden Speakers in Mirrors and Rear Projection System

One of the great technological and design bets of the project was to mimic the loudspeakers and AV equipment, within the diaphanous space of the project.

This multimedia space was carried out with maximum detail of acoustic correction, control and design.

By having all the systems integrated, automatically and at the touch of a button, all the elements work together: in addition to unfolding the cinema, the air conditioning system is regulated at medium speed to avoid movements on the projection screen, In the same way, the lighting behaves like a commercial cinema, the curtains are lowered to avoid reflections, etc.

Three invisible speakers were installed in a mirror-paneled cabinet: Stealth Acoustic STH-LR3GS Center and Stereo Speakers. To achieve this integration in the mirrors, different tests were carried out with different types of glass until achieving a degree of low sound distortion and very high level calibrations.

Once the sound adjustment was achieved, the respective modules or cubicles were designed in conjunction with the architecture, using different components to avoid possible distortions in high and low frequencies. The design of the cubicles was made with 12mm spaces between them and anti-vibration opening hardware to avoid vibrations between the different audio channels.

The subwoofer, Polk Audio CSW100, was installed at the rear of the cabinet resting directly on the floor, making it project from the bottom of the cabinet without affecting the aesthetics of the cabinet. With this implementation, the furniture was prevented from vibrating at low frequencies and causing acoustic distortions.

At the subwoofer output, a kind of large-format tunnel was made to channel the audio output and thus avoid the presence of parasitic frequencies or vibrations in the core of the cabinet which houses the projector.

The projector is hidden in the upper central module of the cabinet. We made an adaptation with the furniture’s own mechanism, and after carrying out an electronic design it was possible to open the lid at an angle of 90 degrees, thus giving access to the overhead projector of the Panasonic brand, without losing the possibility of also be able to open and close it manually.

The 97 ”rear projection screen, made to measure, automatically integrates with the roof structure. The counterweight of the screen was manufactured in the same wood that makes up the laminate of the ceiling, in this way the concealment is maximum. Only when activating the cinema is when the screen appears.

The rear speakers are also invisible from the Stealth Acoustic brand of reference STH-LR8GS, integrated into the ceiling, giving an image of architectural cleanliness, but at the same time an effect of having the feeling of cinema in a room very clean of elements and with total concealment of AV systems.

The subwoofer amplifier is the Polk audio SWA500. We also installed an Integra brand AV processor, model DTR 40.7, a Leef HDMI LU642 video matrix and an AMX control system, NXV-3200.